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How do I copy content into my current course?

1. Go to
2. Click Login Here.
3. Enter your NetID and password for Blackboard.
4. From the My Dartmouth Courses module, select the term from which you wish to copy a course. (Example: Fall 2011)
5. Click on the course you wish to copy the content from. (Example: ABCD.010.01-FA11)
6. Once in the course, go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy.
7. In Section 2, select Browse to select the course to which the materials should be copied. Note: You must be listed as Instructor, Course Builder, or TA for both courses.
8. Select all of the items you wish to copy. It is recommended that you select the following: 
    • Content
    • Contacts (formerly Staff Information)
    • Discussion Board (if used)
    • Grade Center Columns and Settings
    • Group Settings (if used)
    • Settings • Tests, Surveys, Pools (if used)
9. Important: In Section 3, make sure the following options are selected:
    • Copy links and include copies of files in toe course default directory.
    • Copy links and include copies of the files outside of the course default directors.
10. Skip Section 4. DO NOT copy enrollments.
11. Click Submit.
12.An email will be sent once the copy has been completed.

Note: The newly copied content in your FA12 course will appear at the bottom of the course menu.

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