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What is a Learning Module?

Learning Modules are a method for presenting course materials in a linear fashion, with a table of contents and the ability to control the release of the material one screen/item at a time.  It embraces the idea of “chunking” information, and can contain all types of content, such as text, graphics, multimedia and assessment tools. Content within a Learning Module is added and managed just like content in a Content Area/folder.

You can also add folders and sub folders to a Learning Module to provide a hierarchical structure. Folders and sub folders provide an outline view that is displayed in the Table of Contents for the module. The Table of Contents allows you to present content in a structured manner. Folders and Sub folders within Learning Modules have the same properties as other Folders and Sub folders found in Blackboard courses.

Learning Modules can be viewed sequentially or non-sequentially. If sequential viewing is enforced, students view the Learning Module in the order in which the items are listed. Students cannot advance to a page within the unit without having viewed the previous page. If sequential viewing is not enforced, items in the Learning Module may be viewed in any order from the Content page.

See the Creating Learning Modules tutorial for more information.

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