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Academic Computing Workshop Listings Academic Computing Workshop Listings

Academic Computing offers a variety of workshops for Faculty, Staff and Students. Those workshops are advertised through D2U postings and on the web at http://library.dartmouth.edu/classes/calendar.php?MAIN_CALENDAR_ID=41.

We encourage everyone to review the workshop listings and register for those sessions that appeal to you. We also welcome workshop requests which we will do our best to accomodate in our future workshop planning. Workshop topics can be requested by emailing Educational Technologies.

2011-10-13 22:26

Blackboard Support Blackboard Support

support teamFor problems or questions regarding Blackboard contact Blackboard Support. You will receive a quick response during business hours. We will address after-hour inquiries as soon as possible.

To find an answer online, the Blackboard Help contains helpful tips and information about getting started, posting material, and much more.

2011-10-12 16:32

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